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March 22, 2023

Boating Weather is Here!

           Tow that boat safely!

Never tow your boat trailer without a safety review.  Before heading to the ramp, be sure to check the following:

* Coupler, hitch and hitch ball are compatible

* Coupler and safety chains are secured to hitch of tow vehicle

* All fasteners are properly tightened

* Boat is securely tied down to trailer (Note: the winch line is not a tie down)

* Wheel lug nuts are properly tightened

* Wheel bearings are properly adjusted and maintained

* Load is within maximum load carrying capacity

* Tires are properly inflated

* All Trailer lighting is working properly

* Trailer brakes are properly adjusted and working

* Check local and state regulations regarding brakes and any additional equipment that may be required.

                  Enjoy the boating season!


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